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Application Of Derivatives


Find the absolute maximum a...

Find the absolute maximum and minimum values of the function `f` given by `f(x)=cos^2x+sinx` , `x in [0,\ pi]` .


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : `f(x)=cos^2x+sinx` <br> `f'(x)=-2cosx sinx + cosx` <br> `text(Putting this to zero, we get)` <br> `-2cosx sinx + cosx = 0` <br> `cosx(2sinx-1)=0` <br> `x=frac{pi}{6} text(or )frac{pi}{2}` <br> `text(Now let's evaluate the value of the function at critical points and at extreme points of domain.)` <br> `f(frac{pi}{6})=cos^2(frac{pi}{6})+sin(frac{pi}{6})=frac(5}{4}` <br> `f(frac{pi}{2})=cos^2(frac{pi}{2})+sin(frac{pi}{2})=1` `f(0)=cos^2(0)+sin(0)=1` <br> `f(pi)=cos^2(pi)+sin(pi)=1` <br> `text(We can see that function will have maxima=)frac{5}{4}text( at x=)frac{pi}{6}` <br> `text(And we can see that function will have minima = 1 at x=)frac{pi}{2}`


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