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Class 11






Binomial Theorem


Find the 5th term from the end...

Find the 5th term from the end in the expansion of `(3x-1/(x^2))^(10)dot`

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : We need to find the 7 th term of the given expression. _et it be `T_{7}`<br> Now, we have `T_{7}=T_{6+1}` <br> `=\ ^{10} C_{6}(3 x^{2})^{10-6}(frac{-1}{x^{3}})^{6} `<br> `=\ ^{10} C_{6}(3^{4})(x^{8})(frac{1}{x^{18}}) `<br> `=frac{10 times 9 times 8 times 7 times 81}{4 times 3 times 2 times x^{10}}=frac{17010}{x^{10}}` <br> Thus, the 7 th term of the given expression is `frac{17010}{x^{10}}`


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HBF to find the 5th term from the end in the expansion of 3 x minus 1 upon x is equal to the power 10 explanation on May 15 find connect from the end the problem channel Tumko form related to the key generator motor Marathi are plus one side not karte hain NCR 3310 cr123 x to the power 10 Manasa into minus one upon x square are theek hai tujhko simplify kar lijiyega management 2G power hour into 10 Siya into 3 to the power 10 - 6 into 10 to the power 10 min aur Dekhi Hai Uska to the power to Upar Jaega Main To Mar Hi theek Hai Mushkil Hogi main to the power into 10 to the power 3 minus 1 into 10 to the power minus 3 hour yoga Hamara after fs18 3215 from the end to Dekhi Ham Jante Hain Ki Aurat term from end

yah kya hota hai ya Hota Hamara and minus plus 12th term from beginning a starting any Kyunki Hamen formula Pata Hai taiyar + 1 + 1 is determined from the starting theek hai to and safe compute karne ke liye Hamen Kya Karenge ki School Belgaum convert Karenge starting determined to use ka formula hai ki are returned from the starting sorry and is equal to 2 and minus are placed Western from the starting to the key question Mein and evaluate 10 aur Hamen find karna hai kaun se time fan condenser 5th term from the end is equal to 10 - 5 + 2 8th term from the starting to Jaega 10 - 55 + 2:30 7th term from starting any gift from the equal yoga 730 from the starting se from find kar sakte hain City ok 73170 value Kya Hogi to of 6 plus one is for

Humsafar Karenge aaj ki jagah 6 theek hai Rahega main 7 to the power 6 into 10 z623 to the power 10 - 6 into 10 to the power 10 minus 3 into 6 theek hai Karenge Duniya Gati 10c 63 to the power 4 - 8 x to the power minus 7 term from the starting which is equal to the 5th term from the and which is fifth term from end so this is the final answer


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