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Class 11






Binomial Theorem


Find the 4th term from the en...

Find the 4th term from the end in the expansion of `(1-3x)^(10)`

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Answer : N/a
Solution : 4th term from the end in the expansion of `(1-3x)^(10)` <br> =4th term from the beginning in the expansion of `(-3x+1)^(10)` <br> `T_(3+1)=^(10)C_(3)(-3x)^(10-3).(1)^(3)` <br> `(|ul10)/(|ul3|ul7).(-2187)x^(7)=-262440x^(7).`


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hello it didn't hear question is find the term port from end in the expansion of 1 - 3 x to the power 10 ok student select find Hindi sex pens and degree is 10 to there will be 11 in the section degrees 10 today will be 11 Tum To last term will be 11 then this will be cheatin 29282 from last this is first term this is second term this is third term and it Pattam so we need to find it and it can be written as she 7 plus one and this will be come I will be come 710 vs 712 the power 7 and minus 3 X ^ 3 -

ok so this is 1037 10 factorial which can be written as 10 into 9 into it into 7 factorial upon ok 3 factorial which can be eaten at 3 into 2 into 1 into 7 factorial vah ticket cancel one to the person will one and this will be -3 you into X you ok now will cancel 1843 will cancel 9 in free time according to 312 into 10 1 20 into minus 3 cube minus will come over here and this will come 27xq today

you can multiply this -2 Kutti X you and this is our thank you a student


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