Updated on:26/04/2023

Find the 10th term from the end of the A.P. 4, 9, 14,…………. 254.


Text Solution

The correct Answer is 209


hello everyone the question is that find the 10th term from the end of epi 49 18.2 54 now here if you see this appeal progression basically from a progression if we can see the first term is a and we find the common difference the which is a two minus a one that is second term - 1st term for 9 - 4 that is fine but here if you can see it is told that from the end we have to see the 10th term that means we will apply here from with rivers ap so we are going to handle it with the river CP so we will say for rivers AP that means from the and we're starting ap is going to be the last term that is 254 and common difference is going to be not a 2 - 7 it will be
a 1 - 82 so that is going to be 4 - 9 which will be -5 ok now we have to find the 10th term from here only will apply the formula that is a tonne is equal to a plus and minus one that is then minus 1 into the standard formula was a n is equal to a plus and minus 1 into it for any time if you want to find so here only we have put this is going to give us a is 254 Plus and minus 19 in today's -59 Paisa 45 to 54 - 45 so this is going to give us 209 so we can say that the 10th term is from the end 209 I hope you understand the solution thank you


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