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Find sets A, B and C such that...

Find sets A, B and C such that `A nnB` , `B nnC` and `A nnC` are nonempty sets and `A nnB nnC=varphi` .


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Let `A={a,b},B={b,c}and C={a,c}` <br> Verification : <br> `because A cap B={b},B cap C = {c} and A cap C ={a}` <br> i.e., `A cap B, B cap C and A cap c` are non-empty set <br> No element of A, B and C is the element of all three sets <br> `:. A cap B cap C = phi` <br> `:.` Both conditions are satisfied.


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hello this question is given that we need to find set ABC ok such that intersection b intersection c and a transaction C are not empty sets ok but it is Section B intersection C should be empty ok so it is saying that we need to find a b c said such that these intersections should not be empty set ok they should not be empty set but their intersection of these three should be empty ok so you can take any example ok se if I take is equals to small small be ok and b is equal to set b is equal to small boy and small c and single assets = 2 small and small SEO ke so that's what I'll get ok let se Vidisha empty or not so add section B OK then what is next B intersection c and what else we need to check where to check the value of

intersection C also ok so that's why this research was ok so add section beam is element that are common in both set A and B ok so bees common ok no element that is common in both B and C which is come she is common ok and a and c element that is common it is small is common ok so yes this condition is satisfied that they are non empty cells because here we are getting elements ok know if I'll find the value of intersection b intersection C then let's see what I'll get hai ok intersection b intersection c means any visitor comment A B and C set here here every ab ok 20 present here but was not present a so there is no element yr ok so let's right here there is no element present so this is 5 ok so yes Bou the conditions are satisfied intersection of all this set is coming fi

design on empty so we have got a b and c set this is my set this is my B and this is she said thank you