Find r(X,Y) from the two regression equation `3x=y` and `4y=3x`.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello everyone today we are going to discuss one more question the question is that find our xy from the two regression equation 3 X = 2y and 4x equals to put y equals to 3 X here so progression regression equations are first one is 3 X equal to Y and second equation is 4 y equals to 3 X here is our equation first and here is our equation second from equation first wrong equation first regression regression of from equation first regression of x on Y is be xy here

so from equation first three X equals to wise to this one is implying X equals to 1 by 3 into why so be xy = 213 here here is our equation third again from equations from equation from equation S regression regression of Y on X is be so scenes given second equation is 4 Y is equals to 3 X this can be written as y equal to 3 by 2 into X so as implying be by x is equal to 3 by 4 here is our equation for so are is equals to

our x y is equals to root of B xy into why exterior so from equation 3rd b x y is equals to 1 by 3 this one is 1 by 3 into B Y at equal to 3 by 4 year Subah simple define Kathi is cancelled out with three Sobi xy can b r = 2 can be written as 1 by 4 Near route of so we can write it as RX why is One by Two here I hope you understand the explanation thanks for watching

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