Find `dy/dx if x^2=y^2`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Pureit service question question in which we have to do if x square is equal to b which is the given equation that is why you should know the chain rule change to says first of all differentiate the whole power sharing rule rule of seniors didn't need to differentiate a function if it is available but in this question function is not available to the need to differentiate between two variables we need to play D formula of X raise to power power should think we should decrease by one so now we can do the differences of the sites for differentiation with respect to X sophos to call the power of x square his first two points need to differentiate itself that is to on both sides to be

shipped in question and degree one interpretation of variable is X with respect to y axis 12 differentiation of whole power is power interesting question by using this form the end it increased by 1 interpretation of variable will be divided by 28 is equal to 21 into two now we can calculate value of / a / is equal to X + 2 Y is equal to its thank you

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