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Find differentiation of arc co...

Find differentiation of `arc cosecx` using first principle

Updated On: 27-06-2022



Step by step solution by experts to help you in doubt clearance & scoring excellent marks in exams.


differentiation of Arc S is video of the differentiation of the first principle To Ham lete hain Hamare is equal to Jahan Hamari X Ki Jodi Hogi X will be from real numbers - the interval -121 yuki music in the domain that expresses the derivative with respect to x of x yoga f of X + 8 -

where limit X tends to zero X upon h simply kya ho jaega limit X tends to zero pi by 2 minus sec inverse of X + H -5.2 minus sec inverse of x tu kab aaega yah

Dega main KD by DX of FX is equal to Limit X tends to zero sec inverse x minus sec inverse of X + upon x minus limit second verse of X + H - S Voice of X upon you have a second verse hi function Reema fix equal to sec inverse x of effect yah Ban Jaega - limit X tends to zero

X + H - jio X ab person shall ka use kar rahi hai kya Ban Jaega simply - of sec inverse x differentiation kya hoti hai is equal to 1 upon Mod X 800 x square minus 1 is use karte hue Hamen mil Jaega hit by dear of effect of sec inverse x is equal to minus b b of s y sex jo ki hai minus one upon

Mod X into under root x square - 1 Tu is video mein Humne Kuchh S versis yani ki arc of cosec X iska difference nikala using the first principle function f x cosec inverse X Mana then Humne to use karte hain usko dikhao DY DX of f x is equal to Limit X tends to zero f of X + X - effects upon h FIR ko Uske formerly a property is equal to minus divide of GF

Tu ise Karte Humne Hamara final answer Nikala To abhi is video mein itna hi


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