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Limits And Derivatives


Find derivative of the followi...

Find derivative of the following functions (it is to be understood that a, b, c, d, p, q, r and s are fixed non-zero constants and m and n are integers): `x^4(5sinx-3cosx)`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Let `f(x)=x^4(5sinx-3cosx)` <br> Let `u=x^4, v=5sinx-3cosx)` <br> using product rule <br> `f'(x)=u'v+v'u` <br> `=4x^3(5sinx-3cosx)+(5cosx+2sinx)(x^4)` <br> `=x^3(4(5sinx-3cosx)+x(5cosx+2sinx))` <br> `=x^3(20sinx-12cosx+5xcosx+3sinx)` <br> `=x^3(5xcosx+3xsinx+20sinx-12cosx)`


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hello friends the question is find derivative of the following function it is to be said that a b c d p q r and S are 690 constant and M and n are integers so we have the constant extra power 4 into 5 sin x minus 3 cos x and we have to find the derivative of this question Sulfi late you equal to the power 4 and be equal to 5 sin x minus 3 into cos x has become you into bhi and we know that derivative of you into bhi is you into derivative of b + b into derivative of you so the derivative of you that is used as will be equal to 4 into x cube and derivative of the

that is bidders will be equal to 5 into cos x + 3 into sin x we put the value of you be used as dead as in this equation derivative of you be given to feed as will be useful to you into a + b into used as that is equal to you that is actually pass 4 into bid as that is 5 into cos x + 3 into sin x plus bhi that is 5 into sin x minus 3 into cos x into you dash equal to 4 into 10 to the power 3 so on solve this question we get 5 into 10 to the power 4 cos x + 3 into x to the power

4 sin x + 20 Into X ^ 3 sin x minus 12 into x to the power 3 cos x and now if they bring together the term of Cos and sin x then we get cos x into 5 into X ^ 4 - 12 x cube plus sin x into 3 into x power 4 + 20 Into X ^ 3 so this will be our derivative of x to the power 4 into 5 sin x minus 3 cos x and this is answer thank you