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Limits And Derivatives


Find derivative of the followi...

Find derivative of the following functions (it is to be understood that a, b, c, d, p, q, r and s are fixed non-zero constants and m and n are integers): `x/(sin^n x)`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Given,<br> `f(x)=x/(sin^nx)`<br> Now, As we know the derivative of any function <br> `frac(d(y_1/y_2))dx=frac(y_2d(dy_1/dx)-y_1(dy_2/dx))(y_2^2)`<br> `impliesfrac(d(x/sin^nx))dx=frac(sin^nxd(dx/dx)-x((dsin^nx)/dx))(sin^(2n)x`<br> Further solving this we will get <br> `frac(d(x/sin^nx))dx=frac(sinx-nxcosx)(sin^(n+1)x)`


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so the question is we have to find derivative of the given function the function is X upon sin power n Where n is a constant integer so we can apply question to their quotient rule is upon DX request to video by x minus 3 by DX upon B square is the quotient rule so for the given expression h u is X and h b is time power NX so now we calculate due by DX this is one as we can see hear and for DY DX we will have to apply chain rule hair sofa chain rule we can write a test of sin power n x upon sin x into sin x by DX

this is the expression we got by the Chain rule so send your send power and exponent of sin x this is similar this is similar s d of x power n upon DX so this is and sin power n -1 x sin x by DX this is as we all know this is cos x so we put the values of u in TV by DX in this expression in this equation of X upon sin power x upon X is equals to how are you with our vs Sin power and x and y axis

minus you use X in DY by DX and sin power n -1 x cos x upon V square Arbi sunpower NX V square sin power 2nx so this is one upon sin power and x minus sin x cos x upon sin power n + 1 X this is the final answer for the derivative of the given expression in queue