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Find: c. 5 (7)/(9) xx 6...

Find: c. `5 (7)/(9) xx 6`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

Answer :
`= 34 (2)/(3)`


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hello questions that fine 5749 x 6 ok so here we will find the product of the reaction chamber fraction into improper fractions how can we can find x x 987 and upon I never 6529 45 + 7 days 52.9 in 26 ok now my dear friend 52 upon 9 this can be written as 3 into 3 and 6 week and write this 2 into 3 ok so here we will be cancelled out Ganesha that this is the with in the multiple of Malaysia and their in the this is the internal matter

only 50 2 into 2 upon 3 again 52 also can be written as that means we will multiply 52 into 104.3 now if we change into the next section 339 and one will be there and 3 4 6 12 and 2 will be remaining 34i 2 upon 3 final product for this question thank you

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