Find area parallelogram lines `y=mx, y=mx+1, y=nx and y=nx+1` equal to:

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello guys welcome to daughter in today's question we have to find the area of parallelogram and Parallelogram is making by four line and full and has given as equal to M X and Y equal to X + 1 and Y equal to X and Y equal to X + 1 first of all we will make up MG we have access and here we have access to first of all we will make Bhai call to MX let's suppose Y equal to mxs like this point near B point So o b is given as y equal to I am now we will form a line of Y equal to X + 1 so from here it would be like this so let's suppose this is our a point So here ab Y equal to X + 1 now from here we will make a line and x y equal to an expert will be like this let's suppose this is our online

Y equal to n x and we will make line y equal to this is a line X + 1 so here a c k s y equal to X + 1 and OC is given as y equal to NX now first of all we will find this co-ordinate and this content is my and using line oven ok so using intersection of intersection of OB and ab so from here we get Y equal to IMAX we have equation and a big question is why equal to X + 1 now we will subtract them so it will become like this 0 equal to x minus and effects -10 from here we get x minus 1 equal to 1 so from here we are getting xcelsius 1 upon 1 minus sin

we will find area of parallelogram area of parallelogram BAC so we can write down area to into area of triangle and how to find area of triangle using formula half into these into height in this case basis and height is to be sure to will to cancel Each Other out who is one and OB is 1 by a minus and from here we are getting value area is 1 by mis an area equal to 1 by mis and we can write down as area equal to 1 by mode of mis and when why we are writing depending upon which of them is gettin area should be positive so that's why

adding more a penis and is greater than M then we get negative so area can be negative that's why we are adding more here and that's the answer of area of parallelogram thank you guys I hope you like my video

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