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Coordinate Geometry


Find area of Polygon by Stair ...

Find area of Polygon by Stair Method


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everyone is video mein Dekhenge ki area of polygon state method Se Kaise find Karte Hain Ki Hamare unke suppose suppose polygon polygon of N vertices has coordinates has coordinates as coordinates X1 Y1 X1 Y1 this is my Y1 sorry X1 Y1 X2 Y2 3 by 3 and son x and y and riza and vertices of polygon then area of polygon is given by by step method then area of then area of polygon poly cotton is given by is given by one by two

one by two is Ham Kya Karen vertices ko Likhenge Ek vertices ko Likhenge cyclic order Mewati School pahle Uske next water splitting X1 Y1 X2 Y2 X3 y3 Insaaf film action violin and Uske bad first vertices first first what is Corbett Karenge X1 Y1 Soya Karenge ok so Uske bad Ham Karte usko calculate kaise karte hain Jisko multiply karte hain X1 ko Y2 se FIR X2 ko y3 se and Aisi Ek Stri ko wife or se aise hi and ke FIR Aise FIR kya karte hain FIR Niche Se FIR Niche Se multiply karte hain with negative sign X1 covid-19 se action ko vi n -1 se aise hi ko y17 nigat friend and that is the area of polygon

examples Dekhte Achcha aur you jo Ham Hamare point se unko cyclic order Nahin Lena cyclic order Mein Lena example se dekhte hain area of polygon area of polygon Ham triangle considered a triangle is also of polygon of three vertices of the triangle patissez Hai Iske bad isase ke coordinates Hain 32 11/8 11/8 and third Court ne kya hai 30 second at 8 and 12 then area of triangle ABC kya ho raha tha area of triangle area of triangle ABC will be equal to 1 by 2 1/2 pahla what is equal Kinetic parameters according it then second vertical co-ordinate then third vertex co-ordinate OK then Kya Karenge first water content ko repeat Karenge ab Hamen

kya karna multiply karna hai multiply kaise karenge train 28 + 11 to 12 + 8 into two then then minus 3 into 12 - 8 into 8 - 11 into Tu so ja kya aayega this is equal to this will equal to 1 by 2 so3 in 28 + 11 into 12 less 18 22 and minus 3 into 12 + 18 28 + 11 into to usko calculate kar denge that will be the area of triangle so calculate let calculate so 18 23 Kya Ho Gaya 24118 212 Ho Gaya 132 8 into 2016 - 12

x 36 - 64112 222 isko aap calculate Karenge to area a Jaega 25 square unit 25 square units in this farm stay methods a polygon ka area calculate Karte Hain