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Find all values of x for which...

Find all values of x for which `|{:(2,-1,4),(3,0,5),(4,1,6):}|=|{:(x,4),(5,x):}|`.

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution


Answer : B
Solution : Enter the 3 by 3 matrix on the left side of the equation into your graphing calculator and evaluate its determinant (zero). The dterminant on the right side of the equation is `x^(2)-20`. Therefore `x=pmsqrt(20)~~pm4.47`.


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all the values of x for which lets you determine Deewan is equals to determine Hindi to find the value of determinant even in order to find the value of Vitamin D1 will write the poster Limited 1st floor wilhite fourth row and cost column and multiple values tag used to be kept in 2020 ful fote -95 into one it is equals to determine the second element and forced to which is equals to minus 1 find first and second column and we multiply sagnik diary to get 36 which is equal to 18 - 4 into 5 equal to 25 input of love signs will write the third element in first which is equals to 4 and will hide First row and third column and will multiply the element diagonal e2e Catherine 21 which is equals to 3 -4 M20 which is equals to zero point is equal to 2 and 2 - 5 which is minus 10

Pintu - + 18 - 20 is - 2 + 3 into 4 is 12 so we get the one which is equals to minus 10 + 10 to the value of n is equal to zero but we know that point is equal to de do so will try to solve the value of d2d 2 is equals to x 45 and tricks to solve gito will multiply the elements diagonally so we get x square - 21 is equals to 2 as it is given in the question should therefore we get 0 = 2 x square - 22 x square is equals to 20 X can be written as a square root of 20 plus minus x is equals to plus minus 4 in 25 x is equals to plus minus 2 into root 5 now represented X is equals to Plus

2 into 2.2 354 X is equals to plus minus 4.47 is the answer


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