Find all values of the parameter a for which the quadratic equation (a+1)x^(2)+2(a+1)x+a-2=0 (i) has two distinct roots. (ii) has no roots. (iii) has to equal roots.



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Updated On: 28-4-2021

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Solution :
By the hypothesis, this equation is quadratic and therefore `a!=-1` and the discriminant of this equation <br> `D=4(a+1)^(2)-4(a+1)(a-2)` <br> `=4(a+1)(a+1-a+2)` <br> `=12(a+1)` <br> (i) For `agt(-1)` then `Dgt0`, this equation has two distinct roots. <br> (ii) For `a lt(-1)`, then `Dlt0`, this equation has no roots. <br> (iii) This equation cannot have two equal roots. Sicne, `D=0` only for `a=-1` and this contradicts the hypothesis.



00:00 - 00:59hello yah to find all values of the parameter a for which the quadratic equation X square + 1 X square + 2 Y + 1 X + A minus 2 is equals to zero has two distinct roots as no root and have two equal roots of the quadratic equation is a + 1 X square + 2 Y + 1 into X + A minus 2 is equal to zero to know that if I look at this equation that this is a + 1 x square to this means that if a is equal to -1 then this equation will not be called it because it become linear and x is equal to -1 this will be this will be disturbed will become zero zero and I will not only -32 the temple of the politics of keep this one thing now but people to find discriminant this community is equals to
01:00 - 01:59b square - 4ac this is here is equal to 2 A plus one that is mean aur A + 1 whole square b square - 4ac That is both a + 1 and 2 series a -2 this is my described in the following I can add this as a + 1 + 1 - of a plus the common 400 plus become which is 4 A + 1 Anderson v a n a gets cancelled to performances in 23 this means that it is 12 A plus one this is my discriminant now now come to a part that is to distance route that is two
02:00 - 02:59distinct roots so we know that two distinct foods only possible and estimate is greater than 0 and discriminant is only greater than zero for for a greater than -1.1 is greater than -1 then only then discriminant will be greater than zero it cannot take the value -1 if can start from 0 0 1 2 3 in this case the skin I will be greater than zero for a is equal to -1 not come to a second part that is still that no root no root no root is only possible when for a lesson -1 in this case this comment will be less than 0.0 this for the value a letter -1 in this case it will
03:00 - 03:59have no root no third part that is equal roots abhi know that if this is only possible when discriminant is equal to zero equal roots only possible when discriminant is equal to zero discrimination when it will be zero when is equal to -1 this is only condition but here we have shown that I cannot thank you very much for the page and fun then this is not your fault conditions related to this means that that cannot have cannot have two equal roots first condition is this ek comment to distance and for a lesson and it has no root police only to find in this question thank you

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