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Class 11






Linear Inequations


Find all pairs of consecutive ...

Find all pairs of consecutive even positive integers, both of which are larger than 5, such that their sum is less than 23.

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : Let the required consecutive even integers be x and x + 2. Then, <br> `xgt5 and x +(x+2)lt23` <br> `rArrxgt5 and 2xlt21` <br> `rArr 5ltx and x lt 10.5` <br> `rArr 5 lt x lt 10.5` <br> `therefore` x can take the even integral value 6, 8 and 10. <br> Hence, the required pairs of even integers are (6, 8), (8, 10) and (10, 12).


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all 2 x 2 X + 2 are the two consecutive positive integers are the two consecutive question 2 X is greater than 5 then X is greater than 5.2 and our second point is 2 x + 2 is greater than 5.2 X is greater than 3 and X is greater than 3 by 2

no the sum of the question it is written that does this two integers can use this year the sum of two integers that is 2 x + 2 X + 2 is less than 23.8 inch 4x + 2 is less than 23 is less than 21 by now its value is less than 1 by 4 and greater than 3 by 2 because he'd also written question that both of the sum is less than 23 but less than 20 14 and greater than 2

the possible value is the possible value of x is Core and output if we put x is equal to 4 x is equal to 3 then then the values are 6888 and 10 put the values of X is that the values are 10 and 12


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