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Find <br> a. the area of a squ...

Find <br> a. the area of a square with side 7 m. <br> b. the area of a square with perimeter 56 m.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Answer :
a= 49 sq. m, b= 196 sq. m


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hello friends to the problem is first going to find the area of a square with sides CM square with 56 solve first square formula of square to square in our question given side length is 2 cm square that's 49 area of square is given here area of a square is given coronavirus scare in the second case area is equal to

Hrithik S K computer and area is given 56 sorry Pradesh to compute area of two given perimeter perimeter of a square is equal to four times of a perimeter is given 5630 3 cm then our area shayari school is for which age 14 age 19 6 m decision final answer thank you

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