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Find a if the 17^(t h)and 18^(...

Find a if the 17^(t h)and 18^(t h)terms of the expansion (2+1)^(50)are equal.



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Updated On: 4-2-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hi everyone this question paper to find the value of a 17 and 18 term of the expansion 2 + 8 to the power 50 are equal but this question the 17th and 18th term are equal that means P70 is equal to 18 we know the general term of any binomial equation is written as NTR x to the power n minus R and a to the power are in the expansion of X + k h n n s 50 and the value of access to and a 78 now this is TR + 1 TR + 1 + 1 will be equal to NH 52 53 are in place of textview up to 250 - R and a to the power
01:00 - 01:59this will be the general term of expression to + 8 to the power 50 now hear you EP 17 is equal to 18 so that are equal to 16 to 17 Tum Protiviti 17 is equal to 50 60 power 50 - 16 234 and power and get up in the value of R if you put 17 week at the 1818 is equal to 56 Airtel p53 17567 3 into 2 to the power 50 - 17 is to power a to the power 1270 equal that means according to question
02:00 - 02:59according to question 5316 into 2 to the power 34 into a to the power 16 is equal to 50 C17 53172 ^ 33a to the power 72 find the value of a preconceived the power of to get cancelled out here it will be to power one only Indian also the power of a get cancelled out here it will be a left with 5316 5016 into two equal to 5017 into 2017 here it is into a ab to solve 5216 15617 ok the value of k will be to in 256 3 upon 5370 this is
03:00 - 03:59NCERT class 12 on the formula of NCR NCR equal to n factorial upon and minus factorial into architeria ups and Anderson Atif NTR plus 1 NCERT plus one formula would be and pictorial upon our plus one factorial in 2 and -1 -1 factorial doubt it is division to let divide and PR upon NCR plus one where we get infected area would get cancelled out we are left with our 18 + 1 hectare into and minor are -1 factorial upon it will be and minus 8 factorial into effect tutorial tutorial can be written as our + 1 into a factorial + 1 into a Petroleum And -
04:00 - 04:59-1 factorial in here and minus 8 October can be written as and minus 2 into 2 and -1 -1 factorial into Our article get cancelled out and here and minors are medicine pictorial get cancelled out for final values are + 1 upon and minor and we have assume m l a g n is equal to 50 and are equal to 60 power answer becomes too into 8 + 8 + 16 + 117 upon and -1 and -2 1551 16 that is 34 when we come to our value of comes out to be one this is our final thank you guys

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