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Factorize 234 into prime facto...

Factorize 234 into prime factors.


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the given questions she is that factorise 234 into prime factors to wear supporter factor is this number into prime factors that was 24 write down the number vrk with this number know how do we prime factorization number suppose in this case 234 is your number so we will consider all the prime numbers 2 3 5 7 11 one by one try to avoid this number by these prime factors one by one and until we get one let me show you how we do it so starting with 2 is a prime number 234 / to will give us 117 no is 117 divisible by 2 no select move to the next time number that is 3 is one the 17 divisible by 3 so yes it is divisible by 3 and will get 3939 divisible by 3 yes it is divisible by 3 Subah forget 13 is 13 divisible by 3 Noida is not divisible by 3 so now because

13 is a prime number itself so it will be divisible by itself only so will get third year not 234 can be written as a product of its prime factors as 234 is equal to write down the these numbers and multiplication sign between them so we'll have to x 3 x 3 x 13 and this is our answer which he was able to find in this question that actresses 234 into prime factors of these are the prime factors of the 234 that's all thank you