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Factorise completely : 2a^(2) ...

Factorise completely : 2a^(2) - 8a - 64



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Updated On: 16-5-2021

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00:00 - 00:59welcome to doubtnut question that was given to a source factor is completely to a square minus 8 1 - 64 so we have to find out the factors of to a square minus 8 a -64 sunao we will divide this equation by two we get a square minus 4 Y - 32 so now we have to find out the factors will be multiplied those factor so we get -32 in when we add those factor we get in when we add the Spectre we get - of four so now we will find the factors of 32 so the factors of 32 32 X 21 and 16 and 2 and other factors are a 3 4 9 when we add 32 + 1B are getting 33 and and subtract 32 - 1 Bigad 31 so it was not nearest to -4 similarly 16 + 2 is 18 and 60 - 2014 fit was not near 24 these are not due to factors and
01:00 - 01:598810 4G get 12 in when we subtract it info we get 4 so I think this is this is our factor but we need - of this means that the biggest digit is minus that is it is minus in forest positive so - 8 + 4 is -4 and - 8 x 4 is -32 so these are our factors sunao here we put the value that a square negative of 8 A plus positive of ok -32 know if we will take a common from where we get a minus 8 and if we will take plus 4 common from where we get a - 8 - 8 is a common factors of a vector is a minus 8 and other factor is a plus 4 these are the two factors of this of this equation 2 x square - 8 - 64 which is equals to the factors are a minus 8 and 8 plus 4 thank you

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