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Factorise : ax + 2bx + 3cx - 3...

Factorise : `ax + 2bx + 3cx - 3a - 6b - 9c`


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the given question says that factorise X + 2 X + 3 x minus 3 Y - 6 - 96 we are supposed to factor as they know we are going to form two groups Swift 1st will contain at least three so we will have a x + 2 b x + 3 cm in the first look in the second group will have - lipstick - common and what we are left with is 3A + 6 b + 91 BR left right now if you observe these three then there is X which is common shooting X8 what we are left with is a + 2B + PC no here we have 3 6 and 9 is Coefficient and ABC and are there at present there no but we observe that it 3 is a common factors so we can take out

we're left with this a + 2B + 3C now a + 2B plus 3 series present there a + b + c is present here so it can be taken common so taking a + 2B + 3C common what we are left with is X from here -3 from here so this is our factorization of the given expression that's all thank you