Updated on:30/05/2023

Factorise : a2+5a6



question says that factorise a square + 5 x minus 6 years or so ha is this what we have to do is given to the method of splitting the middle term at the middle term is 5 a.m. to split 5 into two parts such that the product of these two parts is equal to the product of The Last Airbender the first and last term is minus x for storm is a square so it should be equal to minus x square now is we write five years - 60 + A4 we can say that it should be because it should be a positive sign so6 am I will give us Highway 6 minus is equal to 5 and product of 6a and minus A is equal to minus x square that means this is the right way so please of your mind to split the middle term 5A environment to write a6a minus A minus 6 is already there will still be written as it is now
observing the students to from here we can take a common so we are left with a a plus 6 and from here we can take -1 common so but we're left with is a + 6 + 6 is present here a process is present here he + 6 can be taken common know what do you later this year from here -1 from here is the factorization of the given expression that so thank you