Updated on:30/05/2023

Factorise :


लिखित उत्तर

The correct Answer is (a8)(a+5)


factorise x square - 3 - 40 square minus a minus b cube solve this equation by splitting the middle term by studying this is some - 3 - 46222 British middle talk so we already know when we is 22000 M that sent to the middle split the middle term some of the -50 December middle all the multiplication should be the sum of the 42 we need to think of a number which multiplies incomes 40 and event to
the perfection aur additional come 3 if so we can write like this that is square minus is plus 5 - 40 when we multiply 5 into a 30 40 and then you do the - 22 - 8 - 5 and with the sign is used to take from the bottom and now -8 this mistake 558
Pyar Karti I don't know a minus b and c plus is 55 so these are the two factors that God was like this that the factors are a minus plus 5 answer of the given question


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