Factorise : a23a40


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given question say that factorise x square - 3 - 42 we are going to factorise this using the method of splitting the middle term splitting the middle term is minus 3 minus 3 Y is it no we're going to split the middle term into two parts such that the product is equal to product of these two parts is equal to the product of the last term and the first term last term is minus 44 system is a square so the product should be equal to minus 40 square - 3 how it should display it should it can be written as - 80 + 5 = - 80 + 5 is equal to minus 3 and the product of these two that is -85 a is equal to minus 40 square so we can write the middle term as he is square - 8 x + 5 Y - 49 these two groups air can be taken commerce so we are what we are left with is a minus 8 plus from here are five can be taken common to what we're left with is a minus 8 A man is it is here -
is it so we can take a minus 8 common so what we are left with is a from here plus 5 from here Soi -88 any plus night this is the fact given expression which all thank you

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