Updated on:30/05/2023

Factorise :


लिखित उत्तर

The correct Answer is (3x13a)(3a13a4)


sale my dear students were given question is factorise 9 a square + 1 upon - square - 2 - 12 + 4.3 students now how can we solve it I can write 9 a square + 1 upon 9 is square one is mine ok don't be confused - 2 - 12413 ok to how can I solve it I can write three a square of nine square S3 a whole square right + 1 upon 3 a whole square and this can be written as it is in LCM sweet Candy returns 2 into 3 into 1 upon 3 write this is also equal to 9 square students cleared up to now and from here if I take
common I can write three a minus 1 upon 3 correct clear up to now no problem if there is always it would be 3 minus 1 upon 3 a whole square minus 4 3 minus 1 upon 3 a clear up to now student to I can see that from the given equation 3.1 by 3 is common year right so I can write the given equation 3 x minus 1 upon 3 a ok this is common and the left arm is 3 minus 1 upon 3 a and this is remaining -4 ok I can return is S3
minus 1 upon 3 a.m. this 1 is equal to 3 minus 4 minus 1 upon 3 student thank you


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