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Class 9






Chapterwise Revision (Stage 1)


Factorise <br> 8( 3x - 2y ) ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer :  `(1+ab+a-b) (1+ab-a+b)`

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hello everyone the questions is to factorise the following terms celestite it down this term is 8 into 3 x minus 2 y whole square - 6 X + 4 Y - 1 is equal to zero so I can write this as a x 3 x minus 2 y whole square and here I can take - of two common then I'll get 3 X - 2y - 1 is equal to zero and now I will replace this term 3 - 2 y b so I'll get my equation as 8 x square - 2T - 18 and this equation is really easy to factorise and we know that the factors of this equation would B square minus of 40

list of Tuti -1 I'll take on here and I'll get to T minus 11 year I'll get to t-minus now I can try it and get S40 + 1 into Tuti -1 right but my t is equal to 3 X - 2y let's play store some I'll get 4 x 3 x minus 2 Y + 1 into 2 x 3 x - 2y - 1 solve it further and I'll get my final answer as 12 x minus 8 Y + 1 into 6 x minus 4 Y - 1 therefore this is the factorise term of the above equation

thank you

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