Factorise : 3a25a+2


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GK question says that factorise 3 x square - 5 x + 2 so we are going to use the method of splitting the middle term to factorise the sections we have 3 square - 5 x + to show the middle term is minus 5 a so we are going to split the middle term in two parts for it in such a manner that the product of these two parts is equal to the product of first and the last term of the first term is 3 square last term is 2 3 3 3 Square X 2 will give us 6 a square so we are going to split -5 a into minus 3 minus 2 a window that minus 3 minus 2 Y is equal to minus 5 and the product of these two that is minus 3 x minus 2 a will give us 6 esquare show the product is minus x square and the on adding them that is -3 and -2 I will give us -58 so we can write
3 x square - 3 - 2 + 2 taking 3 a common we will be having a -1 inside from here taking -2 common we will be having a -1 inside Soi -1 is here -1 is there a minus 1 is taken common can be taken common so we're left with three years from here and -2 from their service is the factorization of the given expression in this is what you are supposed to find in the question that's all thank you

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