Class 7






The Triangle And Its Properties


EXTERIOR The part made up by a...

EXTERIOR The part made up by all such points Q which are not enclosed by `DeltaABC` is called the exterior of `DeltaABC`.


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Humne apni previous video mein interior region of triangle ABC ke bare mein Pada tha interior region hota agar koi bhi point happy which lies in which lies in a region which is enclosed by a triangle ABC then that region is known as interior region in the region mein bahut sari point point triangle ABC and closure member agar koi bhi point Q Bahar Hai are the points lie outside which is not enclosed by a triangle is known as exterior region right or the path made by all the points you are ho sakta hai yahan per ho sakta hai bahut Sare point se lekin vah triangle ke enclosure se bahar hai use region ko Ham bolenge exterior

of triangle ABC