Class 10






Introduction To Trigonometry


Express the ratios cosA, tanA ...

Express the ratios cosA, tanA and sec A in terms of sin A.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : As, we know, <br> `sin^2A + cos^2A = 1=> cos A = sqrt(1-sin^2A)`<br> `tanA = sinA/cosA = sinA/ sqrt(1-sin^2A)`<br> `secA = 1/cosA = 1/ sqrt(1-sin^2A)`<br>


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hello bhai today we have to express the ratios cause a tenor and second terms of Sin A online OK so whenever you have to delete this kind of questions you will have to make use of Identity City already underway latest all the identities that we know revolving around this Oppo terms the first one is cos square theta + sin square theta is equals to 1 on it and other one involving these two terms is going to be 10 square theta + 1 is equals to sin square theta ok now that we are done with the identities latest make use of these two express these ratios in terms of sin ok so I have to establish a relation between cost and Saina from going to use this identity if I write a state of theta = cos square A + sin square x is equals to 1 so I can say from where that might cause

square is equals to 1 minus sin square a solid and if I take a square root of both the sides it becomes cocid is equals to root of 1 minus sin square A alright ok on now I have to express 10 in terms of sin but before we proceed we know that there is a relation between Ujjain and second wallet what is that relation the relation is that cos theta is equals to 1 by sec theta oral cancer sec theta is equal to 1 by cos theta you can either way or light moving on from here I can say that if my coco sign is this allowed under root of making use of this under root 1 minus sin square A is equals to 1 by sec Elite from here but I can write I can write down it' s equals to 1 /

1 minus sin square A on it ok now I have already have a relation between 10 and S ok I am going to make use of that to express 10 in terms of sin Elite ok from your again say that 10 square A + 1 is equals to 1 / square of this item becomes 1 minus sin square A ok so you can take one on this and this site it becomes 10 square is equals to taking 1 minus sin square A is LCM disturb becomes 1 - 1 + sin square A ok so this cancels out and white 10 square a becomes sin square it divided by 1 -

science query ok now taking square root of both the site it becomes 10 A is equals to sin 80 under root 1 minus sin x + cos 2nd and tangent as in the ratios of sin in terms of sin alright and is going to be a final solution thank you for watching