Class 7






Ratio And Proportion


Express the ratio 45 : 108 in ...

Express the ratio `45 : 108` in its simplest form:


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hi students are question is Express the ratio 45 issue 108 in the simplest form simplest form in simplest possible equivalent fraction right here the ratio is 45 upon 45621 0845 / 108 now it means that the numerator and denominator should not have any other Common Factor than one so first digit divide the fraction by 3245 / 315 right and 10833 into 3939 2618 right now again we know that the common factor is three select divide the fraction by 315 divided by 35 and 36 / 3 is 12 right now we know that there is no other Common Factor than one of 5 and 12 right so we can say that the simplest form of 45 ratio 108 is 5 ratio 12 512 and this is the required solution for the given

question right