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Class 7






Exponents And Powers


Express the following numbers ...

Express the following numbers as a product of powers of prime factors:<br>(i) 72           (ii) 432                     (iii) 1000                (iv) 16000

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : (i)`72 = 2×2×2×3×3`<br> `=2^3×3^2`<br> (ii)`432 = 2×2×2×2×3×3×3`<br> `=2^4×3^3`<br> (iii)`1000 = 2×2×2×5×5×5`<br> `=2^3×5^3`<br> (iv)`16000=2×2×2×2×2×2×2×5×5×5`<br> `=2^7×5^3`<br> `


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in this video we are going to solve example number 5 now in this example we have to express the following numbers as a product of the power of prime factors to sabse pahle Mein kiski Karenge 72 ke liye Karenge Ham Kaise nikalte Hain prime factor Ham Kya Karenge 1 by 1 is a prime factor se divide Karte Jaenge sabse pahle 7272 ko sabse Chhota prime number kya karenge baat kar denge kya lega 18 again to se divide divide kar denge 1992 se divide your next Bala prime number Hote ho kya tattoos Karenge ho raha hai

kya Dega equal to 12 72a Sector 72 is equal to 2 into 2 into 2 into 3 into 3 this is the answer to this question to practice way 2 into 2 into 2 into 3 into 3 a similarly 432 ke liye Ham Kya Karenge kaise karenge 2432 sabse pahle Ham 432 covid-19 kar lenge 3216 108 times again EP 254 time Ab To Kitna 2727 ever to se divide Nahin ho raha hai receive Karenge baat kar denge nahin ab ise theek hai baat karenge

indirectly camera 43232 ke sector Kya Hue 432 Ke Kitne dant Hue Ho time to 2 into 2 into 2 into 2 in 23 X 32 Kaise 3 into 3 into 3 into it is equal to what to raise to power 4 into 3 raise to power 3 this is the second part of third third party thousand sixteen thousand 2016 thousand third party 2004 party 16000 Ham kaise kar sakte 1,000 karmchari Sakte hundred into ten hundred 10 into 10 Aur Ke multiply Mein gender ki this is equal to 10 Q10 ko kya dikhte hain

unko bhi can write 225 ka whole cube kya cactus ke 25 cube under 16000 ke liye Ham Kya kar sakte Kaise Likhenge Ham 2002 2002 ki power 5 ki power 75 days to this is the third part of this question


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