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Express the following in `a + ib` form: `((cos alpha + i sin alpha)^(4))/((sin beta + i cos beta)^(5))`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

Answer :
(a) ` sin(4 alpha + 5beta) - i cos ( 4alpha + 5 beta)` <br> (b) ` cos nphi+ isin nphi ` <br> (c) `cos (alpha + beta -gamma -delta) + i sin (alpha + beta- gamma - delta)`
Solution :
`((cos alpha+sin alpha)^(4))/((sin beta +icos beta)^(5)) = (cos4alpha + isin 4alpha)/(i^(5)(cos beta -isin beta)^(5))` <br> `=-i(cos 4alpha + isin 4alpha)(cos beta -isin beta)^(5)` <br> ` =- i[cos 4alpha + isin 4alpha][cos 5 beta + isin 5 beta]` <br> `= -i[cos(4alpha + 5beta)+isin(4alpha + 5beta)]` <br> `= sin (4alpha + 5beta)-icos (4alpha + 5beta)` <br> (b) `((1+cos phi + isin phi)/(1+cos phi -isin phi))^(n)` <br> `=[(2cos^(2) (phi//2) + isin (phi//2) cos(pi//2))/(2cos^(2)(phi//2) -2isin(phi//2) cos(phi//2))]^(n)` <br> `= [(cos(phi//2) +isin (phi//2) )/(cos(phi//2) -isin (phi//2))]^(n)` <br> `=[((cos phi+ sin phi)^(1//2))/((cos phi +isin phi)^(-1//2))]^(n)` <br> `=[cos phi + isin phi]^(n)` <br> `= cos n phi + isinnphi`


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the question is express the following in a + iota be formed within pass alpha + iota sin alpha whole power 4 + iota cosmetic holsale now we know that the power iota theta is cos theta + sin theta now here first letters write the expression expression we are given in this is cos alpha + sin alpha whole to the power 4 / sin beta + iota cos beta already power 5 if applied this identity hair then this can be written as power iotl per whole power 4 / this I am writing as iota square

into minus sin Bita iota cos theta whole lesson the power 5 because we know that the value of iota square is -1 so I have just X - 1 hair and right and this -1 I have written iota square now if I want to the power 5 comma from hair that this can be written have hair numerator with power iota for Alpha divide by hair I'm taking iota raise to the power 5 common that is here this will be call beta minus sin theta whole power now

defence power iota ko Alpha / this is the power to whole to into we can write a fair for beta minus iota sign beta this according to this identity can be written as a raise to the power minus iota mind so this is a raise to the power minus iota beta whole power 5 now this is not an iota square is minus A minus y square + 1 one upon iota and hair design in power and this is for alpha and this power if I take in the numerator -55 and here I am

multiplying and dividing by now by iota square and square minus and hair power cos theta + sin theta cos theta for alpha + 5 cos alpha + 5 + iota sign 4 alpha + 5 Beta now hair describe a minor Toyota and if you take hear this minus iota inside then this will be a minor iota square call alpha plus 5 Beta minus iota for core alpha + beta is

minus 2 minus into minus one will be plus one so this is a for alpha plus 5 Beta minus iota for 4 alpha plus 5 which is the required a + iota be a sign for alpha plus 5 Beta and my b is minus cos alpha + 5

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