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Express the following fracti...

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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hello when this question is given that express the following fractions as decimals ok so professions are given we need to convert them into decimals ok first part it is 23 upon ok so we know that whenever a number is divided by 10 hundred or anything so number of zero and denominator just put the point after that Suresh change this into decimal sweet will be 10 here and it it is divided and we have to divide 23 with 10 ok let's do this it will be multiplied with two so that I can get 20 here not 23 - 20 will be 3 left ok so three smaller than 10 so we will 80 and if we add 807 at point a ok 10 x 20 30 so please 30 - it will be nothing 0 so what we got

robot 2.3 so here it is equals to 2.3 now that you're part second ok so this is the question ok first we'll just changed this ad will it can be written as 25 into 8 plus one ok this is a mixed fraction we are just changing this into perfection so 8 x with this number that is written here and plus this number 55128 plus one it is equals to 201.8 ok so let's start this year I will write it and what I have to do it 201 ok so that start this 8 x 8 2 will give me 16 ok so yeah subtract 2916 is 4 OK no this one will come download sweet b41 we know that 8 5 x 8 x is 42 48 - 41 - what is but one ok

when is more than 8 so I will 80 here if I did you so don't hear ok so 8 x one will give me ate here to carry to will be left on transfer of title SOG in zero ke 8 x 16 I will write 16 ok so 20 - 16 is what it is equals to 4 OK again at 0 8 x 5 is 40 so here I will write 40 now finally 14480 suppression is zero so what I got that right left side sweets decimal will be equal to 25.12 life ok now let's Motu Patalu Re sogan this is written remix version so let's in this it will be 35 X 39 and plus 7 numerator and denominator 1135 ok so 3935 plus 7 it is equals to

1372 in numerator and denominator MI bn35 ok so here I will at 35 and I have to divide 1372 137 to do this so 35 X 38 is equal to 105 ok so minor Saina ok 7 my wife is 23 May 2013 ok 1 -10 32 32 Smiles and 35 so bring to down slightly 322 35 x 9 will give me 350 ok against this year but I'll get 12 - 5 is 7 and 1 -10 and three months we will 2007 is left only ok 27 is smaller than 35 so I will 80 here and point here so 35 X 72 that their 7217

and you'll get cancelled 0 so what is a decimal that I've got after solving 39.2 now that's right footpath so yeah this is in mixed fraction so will change this 25 x 15 and + 1 in numerator and denominator 25 ok so 25 x 15 + 18 is equal to 376 ok and travel 25 ok so let's do this now here I will let 25 and I have to divide 376 so 376 inside this ok Subah 25 x 25 ok so what is leftist and - 71 is my will be two and three minutes to is 112 is left ok 12 is more than 25 I will bring this is down so 12625 x 5 is 125 OK what is left one obviously so when is mother

will 80 hai ok and point there no content is smaller so we loved one more 0 and since we're very 2012 at one point and 10 ok no 125 x 4 will give me hundred so hundred hundred is zero so what what is the value that I have got in decimal it is equals to 15.04 and decimals we are calculated all the fractions and decimals thank you


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