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Class 11






Complex Numbers


Express the following complex ...

Express the following complex numbers in the standard form `a+i b :(1/(1-4i)-2/(1+i))((3-4i)/(5+i))`

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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hello question is express the following complex numbers in the standard form that is A+ atom in the compressor is 1 upon 1 minus 4 Adda minus 2 upon X + b into three months for a divided by 5 + first of all latest name this function as this competition Z and I am going to take LCM for stay and we get oneplus 70 - 2 retired numerator and denominator then a product of these two numbers and abroad will be oneplus 70 - 4 - 4 outer sphere rights and here is also complex number

write and simultaneously I am going to initialise compressor also and tradition is this I am going to multiply multiply and divide this compression by my side ok these winds will get what this will give you very much for your avatar divided by 5 + this will give you my Noida right hai vacancy 1 -2 give to my husband and I decided to give 29 Avatar divided by 5 - 3 x here you can see if we multiply the numerator with this in mind when you get 50 - 3 - 20

for advocates and / you can use the property is a + b into a b and didn't get 25 - is a scam I was president you can see here is also one more complex number and I am going to rationalize as well that is you can do that thing like that multiply the numerator by 5 + 3 Avatar and divided by the same thing and listen and hear your left with you can see that will give you 15 as you know students at of there is nothing but is given value -1 if I put the value of a square is equal to -1 Nari BB 15 - 11 at similar to this you can see here

11 and minus 23 Avatar / it will give you ideas ke is -1 then it will become 2695 X Singh with this complex number then we get - 5 - 3 + 4 Y order modified actually 4527 out of / as investments this nothing but a minus b into a + b square minus b square right no husband this complex number remains same like this 11 - 23 auto / 26 as you know address kg equal to -1 if the value here and here then we are left with

rasauli numerator you'll get - 32 + worldwide are divided in the denominator this address ke will make a simple as positive and negative value 34 right now this complex number in the main ok now the next phase is multiplier is this thing with the that won't get - of 352 + 736 Avatar plus for 62 Noida - 9669 / 3426 gift 2884 right now by putting the value of

10 kg equals to minus one restaurant will get this is -3 52 then this restaurant Udaipur it will be like 96 - 52 that will give you 640 if you had these two terms will get 1198 Avatar on it and it is divided by 8 any Four Points you can write less 614 cd4 + 198 884 finally you can write your complex number in the simplest form as 30 7/42 + 597

42 Avatar restaurant this is a required simplest form of the complex number that is given in the question thank you so much students this is a required for


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