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Class 9






Co-ordinate Geometry


Express the equation 4x-5y+20=...

Express the equation `4x-5y+20=0` in the form so that: <br> (i) x is dependent variable and y is the independent variable. <br> (ii) y is dependent variable and x is independent variable.

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Answer : (i) `x=5/4y-5` <br> `y=4/5x+4`


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Agar question is expressed the equation for x minus 5 Y + 20 = 20 in the form so that X is dependent variable and why is independent variable ok so we have to in first part we have to kept access dependent and why is independent ok so access depend dependent only when we find the equation in terms of why Ok so here are the given equation is 4 x minus 5 Y + 20 = 20 and hear the voice independent so I can I have two kept I have to find the value in X because access dependent right and right here for X equals to 5 Y - 20 so I can write here x = 25 Wi-Fi 4

-25 4 that is from here I can say that X is equals to 5 Vi by 4 minus 5 ok so from here from here if you can if you see then X is depend on this complete equation and hear the wise independent ok and in second part we have to keep voice independent variable and X is dependent variable so we have to find the value of Y ok so here the question is 4 x minus 5 Y + 20 = 20 ok = 20 so I can write here I can write here 5 Y is equals to 4 x + 20 ok so so from here Y is equals to 4 x + 20 55 ok

from here I can write y equals to 4 x 55 + 25 5 that is equal to 4 x 55 + 4 because 5420 OK so the final pic question for S parties y equals to 4 x by 5 + 4 OK so thank you


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