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Class 11






Complex Numbers And Quadratic Equations


Express of the complex number ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution


Answer : D
Solution : `(1-i)^4` <br> `((1-i)^2)^2` <br> `= (1^2 + i^2 - 2i)^2` <br> `= (cancel(1) cancel(- 1) - 2i)^2` <br> = `(-2i)^2` <br> `=4i^2` <br> `= 4(-1)` <br> `=-4` <br> so, a= -4 & b=0


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history we have to express the complex number in the form of a + iota be alright and the complex number had been given in one minus iota whole raise to the power 4 all right ok so we know the direct expansion formula for the power race to the 2383 no direct formula for Paris tour 4 unless you are going to use Binomial Theorem so but that is going to be tricky to not provided what I am I am going to do it I am going to use the square formula twice before we begin letters M rise as it it it is one of the basic formulas of algebra and you must remember it a minus b whole square is expressed as a square + b square minus twice of AP and we have to remember is expression now I am going to use this expression in order to simplify this particular given expression ok so I can

write 1 minus iota whole raise to the power 4 as 1 minus iota whole square square what I'm doing I am using property and using one of the properties of algebra that says that if I am given a number se n and it can be done Where n is equal to 12 p.m. Naik and write M Power full Racer Barbie aur I can also write this as a Barbie Holistic way it is one of the laws of exponents and I am going to flight now have broken into some found that I am already familiar with it I am using this expression extension near where I am putting is equal to one and I am putting b is equals to iota it becomes

a square b square is 1 + 3 square which is iota square alright - 2 Y - price Avatar Cos A minus 2 into 2 into 1 Vikas -2 iota square ok ab full proceed it is important that we understand what I want a square is iota B definition is defined as under root of -1 holiday so if I square it on both the site I get under root of -1 X under root of -1 which basically becomes -15 I can write out a square as -12 what it becomes 1 - 1 - twice I want our whole square so 11 cancels out so my expression has simplified a lot and it has become - 2 x iota square ok square-inxt

minus into minus 2 X + 4 and it becomes iota square all right now have told iota square is equals to minus 1 minus 4 all right now this is my final answer but since I have to represent in this form so I can write a test - 4 + 0 x iota on it for my a is -4 and my b is zero is my final solution thank you for watching the video


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