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Class 11






Complex Numbers And Quadratic Equations


Express of the complex number ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

Solution : Given, `(1−i)−(−1+i6)`<br> Solution, <br> `(1−i)(−1+i6)`=`1−i+1−6i=2−7i`<br> =`a+ib`, where a=`2` and b=`−7`<br>


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hello today papa Express the complex number in the form of a + vector B and the number that has been given to us 1 minus sin theta minus minus 1 + 6 x out alright alright so if we are going to subtract one contact number from the other one should understand how latest say that are C1 and C2 are two complex numbers such that even is defined as a + vector B and r c to find P + iota me right Supreme subtracting seatu from even then it is equals to a minus b + a x b minus C Tata it is equivalent to subtraction of my real parts + iota into

subtraction of the complex so now we have to perform this action here that is suppose the given expression is just because that is usually used to donate complex numbers only say that it is 1 minus sin theta minus of -1 + 6588 ok so now I have to subtract this complex number from this and I am going to use under subtraction of one complex number from the other as I've tried before only so I can write a 1 - of -1 that is 1 + 1 + X - 1 - 600 Sohail becomes 2 - 7 iota alright she expressed in the form of a

+ iota me I am writing as it is to + iota into minus 7 all rate in this scenario my I will be too and my PC in this scenario on comparison is going to be - 7 is a final solution thank you for watching the video


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