Express each of the ratio in its simplest form :
30 mL to 15L


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

The correct Answer is 1:500


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hi let's start a question the question is that Express each of the ratio in its simplest form ratio is given as 30ml 215 litre we know that whenever we are expressing any values in ratio this should be in same unit so here it is given as 50 litre know that one litre is equal to 1000 ml therefore 15 litre will be equal to 15000 l now the ratio will be 30 is to 15000 we know that any ratio can be written in some form at the first time the numerator and the same time we can be no need if we simplify it we can cancel the zeros and 15 result by the so we can cancel them with these three time is the 35 X Shirin and this show will get the fraction in simplest form as
Unicorn 500 and we can convert fraction in ratio as you greater come first term antenna M become second term ratio in simplest form will be 1 to 500 question thank you

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