Express each of the ratio in its simplest form :
240 g to 96 kg


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

The correct Answer is 1:400


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Express each of the ratio in simplest form what is the question to 4296 question question to 40 gram 240 G 296 kc3 when we take any any number Indresh you have all day all towns of equal and thing we should have all numbers to the same unit ok because there is no unit of any ratio ok so I can change into that one is equal to 15 so
296 input 1096 thousand gram right now to same thing like that as ok 242 we can replace 96 kg 2019 6000 gram what we have to find where to find to putting on 96 kg will have to take in the ratio and then you will have to convert in English 500 24240 gram resume 96000 and then we will write 1 to 40 / 96000 ok so what we are seeing as your senior g g and 24 124
this is Hero ke 24 96 108 108 like this is

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