Express each of the following as the sum or difference of sines and cosines:  2cos3θsin2θ


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basically we have to express the product as the sum of difference of Science and cosine the product given to assist to into cos 3 theta into sin 2 theta so it is as we know that 2 into cos a sin b is equals to Sin A + B ok minus Sin A minus b ok so it is given to us to cos 3 theta into sin 2 theta so comparing this with this we get us visitor and bears 2 theta ok now substituting the values of A and B in this right hand side part so we get Sin A + B that is 3 theta + 2 theta
OK - of Sin A minus b that is 3 theta minus of 2 theta ok so we get sin 3 theta + 2 theta is 5 theta ok so minus sin 3 theta minus 2 theta that is sin theta so this is a required solution

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