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Express as km using decimals :...

Express as km using decimals : <br> (i) 8 m (ii) 8888 m (iii) 70 km 5 m.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello everyone looked at bf question given Express as kilometre using decimal part 188 2nd 1088 3rd 1875 1002 1121 by 1000 km 881 by 1000 in 28 km now after need it to the right side so you can also write its 800008 by 1000 it doesn't affect the value of the number so now

123 0.008 km to the finals of the first now moving towards 8888 1000 metre equal to 1 km so 1 to 1000 so now 8888 1008 in it will put the decimal appreciated from the right side because at 30 are present so 8.888 km now

let's 70 km in 1 km is equal to 1070 km is equal to 17 to 1070 M and here we have five or more so + 5 equal to 70005 now 1000 21 km

so 121 1000 km so here we have 70005 1000 70005 now proceeded from the right side wall has 30 is present 70.000 5

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