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Express A as the sun of a hermitian and skew-hermitian matrix,where A=[(2+3_(i),7),(1-i,2_(i))],i=sqrt-1.



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Updated On: 3-5-2021

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Solution :
Wehave, `A=[(2+3_(i),7),(1-i,2_(i))],i=s,"then"" "A^(theta)=(barA')=[(2-3^(i),1+i),(7,-2_(i))]` <br> Let `p=(1)/(2)(A+A^(theta))=(1)/(2)[(4,8+i),(8-I,0)] =[(2,4+(i)/(2)),(4-(1)/(2),0)] =p^(theta)` <br> thus, `p=(1)/(2)(A+A^(theta))` is a harmitian matrix. <br> also, let `Q=(1)/(2)(A-A^(theta))=(1)/(2)[(6i,6-i),(-6-i,4i)]` <br> `=[(3i,3-(1)/(2)),(-3-(1)/(2),2i)]=-[(-3i,-3+(i)/(2)),(3+(i)/(2),2i)]=-Q^(theta)` <br> thus `Q=(1)/(2) (A-A^(theta))` is a skew-hermitain matrix. <br> Now,`=[(2,4+(1)/(2)),(4-(1)/(2),0)]+[(-3i,-3-(i)/(2)),(3-(i)/(2),2i)]` <br> `=[(2+3i,7),(1-i,2i)]=A` <br> Hence, A represented as the sum of a hermaitian and a skew-hermitian matrix.



00:00 - 00:59wednesday's question is expressed as sum of how much as he and skew hermitian matrix A is two plus three Haider 71 - iota to iota where is equal to under root of -1 Soham it in matters of a is at the start Samiti Matric of a this is a to the power so this implies a to the power age should be equal to transport its whole quantity so we are given a is what two plus three at the 71 manager at white
01:00 - 01:59also its transpose will be equal to two plus three iota just column will become Row 2 + 3 iota and have one minus iota this column will become rosewater 72 I want to this is the transpose of a matrix ok now in conjugate we will find its conjugate sign of iota will get changed so it's considered it will become equal to 2 -3 iota oneplus iota 7 - 2 this is equal to a to the power of now we want a sum of symmetric and skew hermitian Matrix professor find in how much time it takes for LED TV how much in matrix so it will
02:00 - 02:59be equal to Half A + put the values from here we get half 2 + 3 iota seventh have one minus iota here to iota ah this is Age 2 - 3 iota on + iota 7 - 2 iota on simplification we will get 1 by 2 into old 8 + iota 8 minus iota zero on adding these so real X 1 by 2 so how we will get 24 + iota by 2 4 minus
03:00 - 03:59iota by 20 Siddhant P is equal to 24 + iota by 24 - iota by 20 now have to check if P is hermitian matrix or not so P of h should be equal to conjugate of P transport then only P will be how much time will it take it is coming equal so this is be so its transpose will be 24 - iota by 24 + iota by 2022 its conjugate come equal to
04:00 - 04:5924 + iota by 24 - iota by 2 and 0 this is what this is equal to P so this is equal to P same it is so we can say that P of HP to the power x is equal to P therefore P is PS pharmaton matrix ok now now letters stick to let Q is equal to 1 by 2 into 1 assignment 1 - 8 to the power x will find the value of Q similarly it will become 1 by 2 into
05:00 - 05:592 + 3 iota 71 - iota to iota -2 e to the power x is two plus three iota 71 + iota and -2 Toyota and subtracting we will get 1 by 2 into 6 iota - 6 - iota 6 minus iota and Force iota X 1 by 2 from Hell it will become equal to three iota minus 3 minus iota by 2 and 3 minus iota by 2 and 2 this is equal to now we have to check this also if it is hermitian
06:00 - 06:59matrix or not so few of it should become equal to 2 to the power that is to transpose its whole conjugate so cute transpose will be free iota minus 3 minus iota by 2 3 minus iota by 2 and have to now its conjugate equal to -3 iota - 3 + iota by 23 + iota by 2 and minus 2 is not exactly equal to cubes will take out - common that is set to become 3 iota
07:00 - 07:593 minus iota by 2 minus 3 minus iota by 2 and 2 iota this is equal to Q 2q to the power x is coming equal to negative of q so from here you can say that Q is equal to negative of 2 to the power is therefore Q is cute hermitian matrix ok so does is equal to P + Q it is a sum of hermitian and skew hermitian and skew hermitian and we have to express a as the sum of this so you was equal to 1 by 2
08:00 - 08:598 + 8 to the power x + 2 Y is equal to 1 by 2 minus 8 to the power and simplifying this we will get a plus have a to the power x minus 8 to the power x is equal to sunao a is equal to Half A + a to the power h + how a minus a to z h where this portion is hermitian matrix and this is skew hermitian so we have expressed in AP sum of chromatin and
09:00 - 09:59thank you

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