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Class 9






Algebraic Identities


Expand each of the following <...

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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indicate question Ki Ab To expand the following expression so here the first part of the question is equal to root 2 x minus 3 Y and then whole square here in order to expand it we use the algebraic identity which is a minus b whole square is equals to a square + b square minus 2 a b Soya the a is this one and b is this one so here we get is equal to a square so here it will be root 2 x square and then + 3 by and then square minus 2 into a into B so a is this part 2 X Sohail will be 2 into root 2 X into it will be 3 by so here here we get is equals to root 2 square will be close to root 2 into root 2 and that will be too and hear it will be x square

+ 3 square is 9 and having 89 Y squared minus 2 into 3 is equal to 6 so here we get 6 root 2 X Y and hear that the answer of the first part similarly in the second part the expression which we have to expand is equal to 2 x minus 1 by 3 X whole square so here it is 2 x minus 1 by 3 X and then Hole Hole square so here again we use this same algebraic identity and here we get a square + b square minus 2 epi Sohar this one is a this one is be so here it will be 2 X square + 1 upon 3 x square and then -2 be so here it is 2 into 2 x 3 2 1 upon 3 X so here here we get is equals to 2 square is equal to four so

24 x square + 1 upon 3 3 square is equal to 9 so it will be 9 x square - so here this this simpler cancel this one and here here we get 2 into 2 is 4 and then divided by 3 and hear that the answer


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