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Class 12






Inverse Trigonometric Functions


Evaluate the following: sin^(-...

Evaluate the following: `sin^(-1)(sinpi/4)` (ii) `cos^(-1)(cos2pi/3)` `tan^(-1)(tanpi/3)`

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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scotiabank ine teenon ki value calculate karni hai to sabse pahle To Hamen Sin inverse sin pi by 4 Sin inverse sin theta Sin inverse sin theta = cos theta kab the theta minus 5 by 2 minus 5 by 2582 ke bich Mein Karta Hai To yahan se dekh Sakte theatre Kahan Se Kahan Ke bich mein 5584 kahan first quadrant majak karta hai iska answer 54254 Hamara answer ho jaega Sin inverse sin theta theta minus Cos 2 pi by 3 Cos inverse cos 2 pi by 3 Kya Hoga yahan se Hamen Pata Hai Kaun si Ne cos theta kya hota hai theatre kab Jab theatre jio se pi ke bich Mein Karta theatre jio se pi ke bich Mein like Karta Hai To yahan se 253 kis quadrant magic Karta Hai second quadrant bataiye theatre jio se 5 ke bich Mein Jaaye Kar Raha Hai To Ham iska answer kya bol sakte hain 25

kya kar raha third party mein kya Kahate bus stand private bus stand 583 Kya Hoga 10583 yoga private Kyon Kyunki tan inverse tan theta kya hota hai theatre kab Jab tita tita Hota Hai - 58 - 58 usse 582 ke bich Mein Jaaye karta hun 10 inverse tan theta theta hota hai to Ek dekh Sakte Ki Pi by 3 minus 5 by 2 se 5 ke bich Mein Karta Hai in fact A first quadrant magic Karta Hai To yah kya ho jaega private


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