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Evaluate the following limits ...

Evaluate the following limits : <br> `Lim_(xto pi) (sin 2x)/(sinx)`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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evaluate the following limit limit X approaches to 5 sin 2x upon sin x we have to find limit X approaches a sin 2x upon sin x you know the identity a sin 2x and it will be 2 sin x cos x now solving this applying this identity on this so we will get sin x cos x upon sin x sin x sin sin x is cancel out so we will get limit X approaches to pi by 2 cos x novino

now the Putti limit in value of x cos x Cos pi is written as - of Cos 0 so we have the value of this is -1 cause 0 is 1 and 10 -12 answer is -2

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