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Evaluate the following limits ...

Evaluate the following limits : <br>Lim_(x to a) ((x+2)^(3//2) -(a+2)^(3//2))/(x-a)



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Updated On: 21-4-2021

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Answer :
`3/2 (a+2)^(1//2)`



00:00 - 00:59I hope you a point P letter start with a question in this question we have been given evaluate the following limit and your we have been given that limit is trending in extending to a and the equation is given as a place to hold Race 3 by 2 minus A + 2 whole raise to 3 by 2 and disposing is divided by x minus 8 letters that the solution part for the solution part first will write what is given a question that is limit X tends to a and it is given X + 2 whole raise to 3 by 2 minus of it is given a plus two whole raise to 3 by 2 and this whole thing is divided by x minus ok so we will post the value of the air that will be equal to a plus two whole raise to 3 by 2 and your it will be - of a plus two whole raise to 3 by 2 and is divided by a minor so as you can clearly see that in the numerator it will be zero and also in the denominator it is zero as you see is this type of form that is zero
01:00 - 01:59infinite infinite from the first thing comes to your mind is using l'hospital rule so you can use your l hospital rule also it there is not and it is better to use your and Hospital rules for letter write first but yes what does l hospital rule states and Hospital rule states that if it if the equation is of the form 050 infinite infinite then you can differentiate this enumerator individually and the denominator individually to that only the right limit X tends to a whole raise to 3 by 2 minus of a plus two whole raise to 3 by 2 upon x minus 8 so as you have seen that this is a property of a limit on differentiation property that whenever i x raised to an end if I want to differentiate is that the formulas and Into X raise to N -1 so
02:00 - 02:59first differentiate this Express to hold on that is equals to end by 10 and write any two in our case 32 in our case Into X + 2 whole raise to 3 by 2 into the differentiation of sin2x + to endure as this whole term is a constant weight will be zero and this is divided by dfid ss1 and differentiation of a constant is 1802 yes this is this way you can write this equation as 3 by 2 into X + 2 oldest to 1 by 2 and 5 days B is one and a constant is zero X 18 is already one sunao substitute the limit our limit is W B A second year it will be here it will be equal to and limit limit will be from x
03:00 - 03:59tends to a exchange to a novel subject to the limit that is 3 by 2 into a plus two whole raise to 1 by 2 or it can also be written as 3 by 2 under root of a + b is the final answer of the question I hope that I have cleared out and also clear concept with this handy my video you very much

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