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Evaluate the following integra...

Evaluate the following integrals:<br>`int(2x-1)(x^2+1)dx`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Very Important Questions

Read the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow: <br> Ordinary life in extraordinary times <br> What happened in cities during the, months of Revolt ?How did people live, through those months of tumult ? How was normal life affected ? Reports from different cities tell us about the breakdown in rontine activities. Read these reports from the Delhi Urdu Akhbar, 14 June, 1857: <br> The same thing is truc far vegetables and saag (spinach). People have been found to complain that even kaddu (pumpkin)and baingan (brijal) cannot be four d in the bazars. Potatoes and arvi (yam) when available are of stale and rotten variety, stored from befere by fassighted kuajeas fuegetable-grewere)- From the gardens inside the city does re ach a few places but the poor and the middle class can only liek their lips-and wetch them (as they are ear marked for the select) <br> ...There is something that else needs attention which is causing a lot of damage that the water-carriers have stopped filling water. <br> Poor Shurfas (gentility) are seen carrying water in On their shoulders and only then the necessary to the people which is pails housel old tasks such as cooking, etc. can take placc The haalkhors (righteous) have become haramkhors (corrupt), many mohallas have not been able to earn for several days and if this situation continues then decay, death and disease will combine together to spoil the city's air and an over the city and even to areas epidemic will spread all adjacent and around. <br> How did the routine activities disturb the people?
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