Evaluate the following integrals : (tanx+cotx)2dx


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hello guys welcome to daughter in today's question where to find the integration of tan x + cot x squared DX so we have given equation has 10 X + cot squared DX ear to find this integration now we will open here a + b whole square set will become 10 Square X + cos square x + 2 of 10 of x x x now we know that God of X is one upon 10 effects na we will put our value into this equation so we get integration of tan Square X + cot Square X + 2 of 10 X 10 to 1 by 10 x 10 x 10 x will cancel Each Other out so we get equation as integration of tan square A + cot Square x
+ 2 X and we know that we can write down 10 Square x square x - 1 and we can write down cos square x cos square x - 1 now we will put aap online two equations were equation will become sec Square X - 1 + cos square x minus 1 + 2 X from here we get value as integration of sec Square X + cosec Square x dx now we will integrate them differently means sec Square x dx + integration of cosec Square x dx and we know that sec Square X integration is 10x
cosec square integration is minus cot X + c and why we are adding cluster because it is an indefinite integral and suggest an x minus cot 10 x minus cot X + 3 thank you guys I hope you like my video

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