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Class 12






Indefinite Integral


Evaluate the following Integra...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

Answer : `- (tan^(-1)x)/(x) - 1/2 log |(1+x^(2))/x^2|+C`

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hello friends welcome to doubtnut the following integral 10 yourselves upon x square is integral value point ke liye kar dena ki inverse X upon x square ka formula of integration De UN to be able to you dawai plus we do if formula use Karenge differentiation and integration gem app like Plus integration bee

due next next tak chalega integration u d b equal to minus integration BDO next next update you know apatkalin you equal to tan inverse X differentiation TV Divya Palat kar lenge 1111 upon x square upon x square x 2 differentiate Karenge respect to X Jaega due upon DX

one upon 1 + x square x integration of like it cardi B equal to integration one upon x square x integration and X ki power x ki power minus 2 X integration Mod isliye picasa.exe the power minus 2 + 1 divided by X - 2 + 5 x minus 1 upon 1 minus one upon Hai Tik Tok integration you dawai equal to UV - integration we do it

upon x squared DX equal to minus 10 X upon x minus minus one upon X into 1 + x square - 2 X + Y equal to minus 10 yours X upon X + Y equal to Agar pura integration equal to this management + integration DX upon X into 1 + x

common law give access kar Kamal chalega equal to minus tan inverse x divided by X + integration DX upon the witcher Gaya Axis kar Kamal long x cube 1 + 1 upon x square upon 1 + 1 upon x square of side 10 NXT power n minus 2 X equal to minus 2 upon x power 3 DX equal to DT n Si Di I X upon x cube to jhagada Jagah Manu 1.25 equal to minus

tan inverse x divided by x minus 2 upon x cube minus 2 equal to 1 + 1 upon x square into DX upon x cube minus 2 upon x minus 1 upon 2 integration DT Vati upon x minus one log t value 1 + 1 upon

x square - 10 X upon x minus 1 upon 2 log Din Raat Kita Si value 1 + 11 + thanks for choosing

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