Evaluate the following integrals: `int_0^1(24x^3)/((1+x^2)^4)dx`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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in this question we need to evaluate the following Integra that is in 2021 24 x cube upon 1 + x square to the power 4 days so I can write this as 21 square x dx upon 1 + x square Discover 471 ps now willett 1 + x square to BT so Aditi will be USD and Aishwarya didi Sahara limits when x is equal to zero is equal to 1 elements for it will be is equal to 1 and is equal to 1 + 1 show the I have becomes the

I will become Integra 12 to 12 e + 1 upon 4DX this can be written as 122 can be taken out comma as its a constant one upon tq -1.4 DTE super TET action when we integrate this it will come out to be that will be remain outside and the answer will be when she + 1 upon 3 + 1 - 34 + 11 - 4 + 1 Dettol ka 12 so 12

Manisha 4 -1 Krrish 3 1 by 8 - 1 Vishva ka Maut bhi local train latest 1 so the value of h i will be will be equal to 1 answer thank you

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